The KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV is a union of artists who bring together various mediums of art. Our interpretation of art is not only characterized by the fine arts but also fashion, music, design, photography and more. We want to cover the whole spectrum of what contemporary culture means to us and try to work out a vision of what art and culture could look like in the future.

Established in 2019, KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV builds a network of up-and-coming artists.

„The contact among each other offers an exchange among creative like-minded people. KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV is a place where you can inspire and collaborate with each other.“
Luis Bortt

The founders Max Hyrde and Luis Bortt are Berlin-based artists who bring years of experience of working together to the table.

„We have founded the KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV to give our wide network of emerging artists, musicians and creative minds a framework for a joint persence.“
Max Hyrde