KUNZTEN is a union of artists and creatives based in Berlin. We offer up-and-coming artists a creative content platform on which they can present themselves. Talented artists express their artistic mindset through their contemporary art and shape our concept of contemporary culture.

The work of our artists is published digitally via KUNZTEN.DE where we also provide a regularily updated online gallery and an online shop.

„The contact among each other offers an exchange among creative like-minded people. KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV is a place where you can inspire and collaborate with each other.“
Luis Bortt

The founders Max Hyrde and Luis Bortt are Berlin-based artists who bring years of experience of working together to the table.

„We have founded the KUNZTEN KOLLEKTIV to give our wide network of emerging artists, musicians and creative minds a framework for a joint persence.“
Max Hyrde