Jonas Fahrenberger Daniel front Jonas Fahrenberger front, for mobile
"I make use of the pictorial worlds that surround me and try to put them into new contexts in order to tell exemplary stories. In my paintings I collage a lot – in my sculptures I like to let the material speak for itself." – Jonas Fahrenberger, An Artist Interview #24
Johannes Daniel front Johannes Daniel front, for mobile
"In painting, I am particularly interested in the figure of the human being and I am concerned with pictorial objects that always give conclusions about human activity. My work is fragmentary and at best suggests a temporal sequence, a movement." – Johannes Daniel, An Artist Interview #23
Antwan Horfee front Antwan Horfee front, for mobile
"The attempt to navigate through the jungle—at times concentrating and straining to find pearls and at times beating one's way through the woods with a machete. Ultimately, to be on the lookout for discoveries—the observations are condensed into a recurring phenomenon at every vantage point: why does what float to the surface and when does it do it?" – Maja Behrmann, An Artist Interview #22



Antwan Horfee front Antwan Horfee front, for mobile
"Research finds its way into both the small details of the work and as part of larger narratives. So perhaps it is mainly about incorporating and translating different perspectives, ones that are formed outside of what is usually considered ‘art’?" – Bethan Hughes, An Artist Interview #21
Fabian Treiber front Fabian Treiber front, for mobile
"Only yesterday, by chance, I picked up a quote from Odo Marquard. The future needs origins. As far-fetched as that may sound, such a thought or a quote can influence my work just as much as a record that I listen to up and down or, of course, simply observing everyday things." – Fabian Treiber, An Artist Interview #20

KUNZTEN show #1 – “CONVERGENCE” at Projektraum 145, Berlin-Mitte
_OPENING 19/02/22 18:00_

Antwan Horfee front Antwan Horfee front, for mobile
"For some time, I thought it was my anger and my mourning. But emotion doesn't last so long. It can be a tiny drive but it often transforms into curiosity during a project. The urge to know something is the strongest drive of my work. When you start to research something, you find a dense entanglement and open up the whole universe of it, realizing the knowledge you had before was only a tiny bit of it." – Mooni Perry, An Artist Interview #19
Antwan Horfee front Antwan Horfee front, for mobile
"I don’t consider my work as style based. An artist’s style is defined by observers and not by the artist himself. There are schools that interest me more than others, Germany in the 80s, movie director’s cut in the 2000s and the Metabolism in architecture. These are only a few examples." – Antwan Horfee, An Artist Interview #18
Fabian Warnsing front Fabian Warnsing front, for mobile
"A central theme in my work is the perception of our world in pictures and its tradition." – Fabian Warnsing, An Artist Interview #17