Marlen Letetzki front Marlen Letetzki front, for mobile
"I paint images that explore the transformation process of colour into a representation of spatiality. I am fascinated by the fact that colour either shows itself or becomes invisible, so to speak, and reveals an image. I play with layers, hints, surfaces and light moods." – Marlen Letetzki, An Artist Interview #16
Jenny Brosinski front Jenny Brosinski front, for mobile
"Color-wise, my current work is much louder and since last year, figurative references meander clumsily through my paintings. Sometimes difficult to endure, and then again part of the process, my development and the time in which they arise." – Jenny Brosinski, An Artist Interview #15
Haleen Lee pics Haleen Lee pics, for mobile
"Actually I’m also occupied with photography that could be of course considered as my other artistic activity. From this, I used to visit everytime into the most remarkable and common architectures, then dedicated myself to capture this subject as a best sight of views, mostly proceeding with analog materials such as 35mm negatives/positives as well as middle format films." – Haleen Lee, An Artist Interview #14
Anastasia Bay pics Anastasia Bay pics, for mobile
"Basically, my work is an accumulation of the impressions and sensations that come to me. The essence, so to speak, or an extract. Sometimes also quite banal one to one." – Wolfgang Flad, An Artist Interview #13
Anastasia Bay pics Anastasia Bay pics, for mobile
"The combination of colours, forms and lines create the expressive composition and turn the white flat surface into a deep space filled with the diverse emotions." – Olya Bazilevich, An Artist Interview #12
Anastasia Bay pics Anastasia Bay pics, for mobile
"My image making process usually begins in lens-based apparatuses that I focus on places and spacial formations that captivate me. I often ask myself: How can I make the familiar and obvious strange, and vice versa, the strange curiously familiar?" – Andrea Grützner, An Artist Interview #11



Anastasia Bay pics Anastasia Bay pics, for mobile
"Since I work intuitively in the broadest sense, I don't have any sketches, plans or concrete ideas in my head before I start a new painting. I let myself be guided by the colour and my hand and see where it goes; I also surprise myself again and again in the process. [...] And then my fingers start itching again to tackle the next one." – Aneta Kajzer, An Artist Interview #10