KUNZTEN show #3 – “BLOSSOMING” at Flutgraben e.V., Berlin
Opening Times: Mon–Sun 12–19:00

Daniel Hölzl  front Daniel Hölzl front, for mobile
"I would describe it as a network of concepts and collections of material that build on each other, but implode again and again." – Daniel Hölzl, An Artist Interview #32
Lunita-July Dorn  front Lunita-July Dorn front, for mobile
"My work is often associated with femininity, but I honestly don't think about it that much when I'm working. But of course I also think it's important to show women and to show femininity, because that's what I am. But I also think it's funny because, no offence to you, a man probably wouldn't be asked." – Lunita-July Dorn, An Artist Interview #31
Laust Hojgaard  front Laust Hojgaard front, for mobile
"What I like about my big paintings are the brutality and the heavy majestically feeling the size creates. They become very powerful." – Laust Højgaard, An Artist Interview #30
Billie Clarken  front Billie Clarken front, for mobile
"Chewing Tongue came to be while I considered this momentary visit to my mind’s figurative basement to be some waiting-room-like-purgatory." – Billie Clarken, An Artist Interview #29
Ellen Akimoto  front Ellen Akimoto front, for mobile
"Houseplants were something I always found poignant and funny as little bits of nature that we bring into our inside spaces. Vases are objects that can be both functional and ornamental, they can contain something but also can have imagery projected onto them." – Ellen Akimoto, An Artist Interview #28
Emil Urbanek  front Emil Urbanek front, for mobile
"I try to open up a space in which hesitation and doubt or longing are not negative attributes, but are normalised. A space where a character's reality is not entirely and solely within the confines of the skin, but everywhere and nowhere." – Emil Urbanek, An Artist Interview #27
Stefanie Moshammer Daniel front Stefanie Moshammer front, for mobile
"Approaching a new work is quite a spontaneous action, I normally try and find an image to work from or use a photo from myself and/or my partner/friends and then I develop the painting from there." – Brett Charles Seiler, An Artist Interview #26
Stefanie Moshammer Daniel front Stefanie Moshammer front, for mobile
"A conglomerate of thematic investigations and personal interpretations. I develop visual narratives and consciously mix past and present, explore stereotypes and cultural myths, often with a reference back to the private sphere." – Stefanie Moshammer, An Artist Interview #25
Jonas Fahrenberger Daniel front Jonas Fahrenberger front, for mobile
"I make use of the pictorial worlds that surround me and try to put them into new contexts in order to tell exemplary stories. In my paintings I collage a lot – in my sculptures I like to let the material speak for itself." – Jonas Fahrenberger, An Artist Interview #24
Johannes Daniel front Johannes Daniel front, for mobile
"In painting, I am particularly interested in the figure of the human being and I am concerned with pictorial objects that always give conclusions about human activity. My work is fragmentary and at best suggests a temporal sequence, a movement." – Johannes Daniel, An Artist Interview #23

KUNZTEN show #1 – “CONVERGENCE” at Projektraum 145, Berlin-Mitte
_OPENING 19/02/22 18:00_