Stefanie Moshammer Daniel front Stefanie Moshammer front, for mobile
"Approaching a new work is quite a spontaneous action, I normally try and find an image to work from or use a photo from myself and/or my partner/friends and then I develop the painting from there." – Brett Charles Seiler, An Artist Interview #26
Stefanie Moshammer Daniel front Stefanie Moshammer front, for mobile
"A conglomerate of thematic investigations and personal interpretations. I develop visual narratives and consciously mix past and present, explore stereotypes and cultural myths, often with a reference back to the private sphere." – Stefanie Moshammer, An Artist Interview #25
Johannes Daniel front Johannes Daniel front, for mobile
"In painting, I am particularly interested in the figure of the human being and I am concerned with pictorial objects that always give conclusions about human activity. My work is fragmentary and at best suggests a temporal sequence, a movement." – Johannes Daniel, An Artist Interview #23
Antwan Horfee front Antwan Horfee front, for mobile
"The attempt to navigate through the jungle—at times concentrating and straining to find pearls and at times beating one's way through the woods with a machete. Ultimately, to be on the lookout for discoveries—the observations are condensed into a recurring phenomenon at every vantage point: why does what float to the surface and when does it do it?" – Maja Behrmann, An Artist Interview #22

KUNZTEN show #1 – “CONVERGENCE” at Projektraum 145, Berlin-Mitte
_OPENING 19/02/22 18:00_